We are bringing you everything you need to team up with your spirits. All in one tub!

Mr. Bear has been busy developing delicious cocktail sorbets and we have teamed up with our favorite local distilleries and wine merchant friends to bring you the best concoctions around!

Grapefruit & Tonic Sorbet for a refreshing Gin & Tonic

in collaboration with the London based Doghouse Distillery

1 Scoop Bears Grapefruit and Tonic Sorbet

1 Shot Renegate Gin from the Doghouse Distillery

Fancy it an alcohol free alternative? Why not make it with Seedlip.

Milk ice cream for a milky White Russian
in collaboration with the London based Doghouse Distillery

1 Scoop Milk Ice Cream

½ Shot Caloua

1 Baller Vodka from the Doghouse Distillery

Lemon & Angostura Bitter Sorbet for a Whiskey Sour

1 Scoop Lemon & Angostura Bitter Sorbet

1 Shot Buffalo Trace Bourbon from Royal Mile Whiskies

Passion fruit Sorbet for a Passion fruit Bellini

in collaboration with Vindinista

1 Scoop Passion Fruit Sorbet

125 ml Prosecco

Lime, Chilli & Coriander sorbet for a fiery Piccante (A Soho House Special)

in collaboration with Askew Wine

1 Scoop Lime, Chilli & Coreander Sorbet

1 shot Tequila

The Glasses

If you are looking for beautiful glasses to take your isolation cocktail party to the next level we recommend the beautiful glassware from The Vintage List, a local business. You can order their glasses straight from their online shop and they offer free postage to all UK delivery addresses.

May 19, 2022 — Vera Thordardottir