Our Locations.

Whether you are looking for an in-parlour experience enjoying our soft serve or a exciting flavour bomb of a creation in the park, we have you covered.

What's your vibe? Delicious, creamy soft serve? Or flavourful scoop?

Each of our stores specialise in one or the other (because of course when you do something you gotta do it properly), so take a look below to see where your favourite ice cream choice is at!



Bears Ice Cream Imaginarium, 81 High Street, Whitstable Kent.
Where ice cream dreams come true!


Brooke Green is surrounded by exciting places for activity and recreation. We are situated in the Brook Green Pavilion where we whip up delicious cups of coffee, sourdough toasties and last but not least amazing, creative soft serve ice cream! 


Smiles and joy

Some of the best ice cream in London. Soft serve with plenty of toppings. But it's the hard ice cream that takes the, er, cone. With original flavoUrs, such as passion fruit and chocolate shavings, as well as standards superbly well done, like rich, velvety chocolate, the variety, ingredients and taste are second to none. And the service is terrific. We'll be back often!
— Anthony Schneider
This is the best Ice cream company in the whole of west London without a doubt. The ice cream is awesome and so so tasty. The staff are friendly and kind, everything you can ask for. I can never decided whether to get a soft serve or a tub of ice cream. The decision is so tough because all the flavours are immense. I blame Mr bear! I can't wait for my next glacier with all the wicked flavours!!!
— Tom Kerswell
Very accommodating. Absolutely beautiful ice cream, really friendly people running it! The lemon curd marshmallow biscoff is AMAZING! The one down point is I would like to know the calorie content, but really just because I'm hoping the calories are nothing so I can eat the whole tub 😋😋🍦🍦
— Kathryn Gaunt
Love this place! Such a cool and interesting spin on the usual ice cream parlours you get in London. The option to be creative and make an endless amount of different flavours by mixing and matching the ingredients is amazing. So far a salted caramel, chocolate brownie and honeycomb milkshake has been my favourite mix! Friendly staff with great service!
— Adam Fox