Christmas Ice Cream
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About Bears Ice Cream Imaginarium

Bears Ice Cream Imaginarium is a family owned, creative ice creamery in West London and Whitstable. We push the boundaries of creative ice cream making to bring you joy and happiness through delicious ice cream creations. You can get creative, building your own creations in our Soft Serve shops, or buy our artisanally made flavor combinations from our Scoop Club range. In our Ice Cream Imaginarium kitchen, our award-winning chef works with the highest quality ingredients and freshest produce to combine and create unique, flavors that will melt in your mouth as well as your mind. Come and visit our stores or order ice cream straight to your door.

We create two different types of ice cream

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We would LOVE to see you in one of our stores shown below and remember to watch out on our blog or the gram for any pop-ups that may be coming along to an area near you.

What our customers are saying...
The double dark chocolate is rich and smooth! Highly recommend getting the honeycomb pieces to crumble on top.
— Simone
Amazing ice cream. The children could not have been more delighted with this delivery. Thank goodness for you guys being available to do this. Thank you.
— Petter family
Amazing taste! I am a big fan of chocolate and this ice cream was one of the best chocolate ice creams I tried so far. Will order it again!!
— Jules
Hands down the best tasting ice cream we have ever tasted! Thank you so much to the Bears Ice Cream Dream Team.
— Henrietta
Too moorish for its own good. I had eaten several spoons before any made it into the bowl. Perfect balance of creamy and crunchy, sweet and salty. Will be ordering again.
— Alice Denyer
We had the kids happy pack. Great idea. Kids loved having the cones and doing their own sprinkles. We also added some chocolate sauce and mini marshmallows.
— Frankie




Recipes from Mr Bear

Get inspired with these delicious recipes that have been prepared by Mr Bear himself. Warning: You may want to double that recipe!


Smiles and joy!