Hello Bearcubs and fellow ice cream enthusiasts!

Prepare your taste buds for an extraordinary journey through the creative world of Mr. Bears imaginative frozen delights, exclusively available at Bears Ice Cream Imaginarium. These unique ice cream flavors redefine the art of frozen treats, offering a symphony of tastes that you've never experienced before. Join us as we explore the top 10 creations crafted by the maestro himself, Mr. Bear!

Blueberry, Lavender, Meringue Swirl:

Immerse yourself in the delightful flavor combination created by Mr. Bear – a sweet burst of blueberries, fragrant lavender, all brought together with a delicate meringue swirl. It's a masterpiece of taste and texture! Made from fresh local ingredients, including lavender from Kent-based Castle Farm.

Baked Potato and Butter Ice Cream:

Only Mr. Bear could turn a baked potato into a creamy, savory-sweet dream in frozen form. Believe it or not, the combo works!

Blackberry Chai Sorbet:

Mr. Bear's imagination knows no bounds! Indulge in the warmth of chai spices paired with the boldness of blackberries, now in a refreshing sorbet. This is sorbet like you've never imagined.

Sourdough & Marmalade Ice Cream:

Savor the unexpected with Mr. Bear's creation – sourdough and marmalade ice cream. The tangy delight of sourdough meets the citrusy kick of marmalade in a combination that's utterly delicious. Made from the sourdough of our local bakery, Grain & Hearth, and delicious jam from the local jam maker Dockyard Jam Factory.

Celeriac, Miso & Buttered Pecan Ice Cream:

Adventure seekers, this one's for you! Mr. Bear combines earthy celeriac with the umami of miso, and buttered pecans add a delightful crunch. It's a flavor journey that's uniquely Bear's.

Roast Clementine & Carrot Sorbet:

Bask in the sunny delight of Mr. Bear's imagination. Roasted clementines and sweet carrots create a sorbet that's zesty and wholesome, exclusively found at Bear's Ice Cream Imaginarium.

Baked Bramley Apple & Rosemary Sorbet:

Mr. Bear's ode to the apple season. Tart baked Bramley apples meet the aromatic essence of rosemary, made from fresh, local apples.

Blackberry & Habanero Ice Cream:

Brace yourself for a spicy masterpiece! Juicy blackberries meet the heat of habanero peppers, creating a rollercoaster of sweet and heat, for the bravest of bearcubs.

Salted Pumpkin Seed Ice Cream:

Crafted for Mrs. Bear and quickly turned bestseller and favorite! Mr. Bear introduces salted pumpkin seeds into creamy ice cream for a savory-sweet experience that's perfect for any season at Bear's Ice Cream Imaginarium.

Beetroot, Raspberry & Wasabi Sorbet:

Vibrant and refreshing, this sorbet by Mr. Bear combines the earthiness of beetroot, the sweetness of raspberries, and a hint of wasabi for a surprising twist that's available only at Bear's Ice Cream Imaginarium.

Embark on a taste adventure curated by Mr. Bear himself. Visit Bear's Ice Cream Imaginarium and discover these deliciously unexpected creations. Happy scooping


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