Hi Whitstable Bearcubs!

We are excited to share with you that today is the big day! Bears Ice Cream Imaginarium opens on Whitstable High Street!

Bears Ice Cream Imaginarium has been a dream on the drawing tables for a few years now. After creating and serving creative ice cream for almost a decade across both soft serve and scoop ice cream we realised that in order properly make ice cream dreams come true, we needed a larger space. A space where we could create and serve, not only, delicious soft-serve creations but also the incredible scoop flavours that Mr Bear has been concocting in the kitchen.

At the core of everything we do is our creativity. We push the boundaries of ice cream making, try exciting new flavour combinations but would also like you to get creative, select your favourites and be brave enough to smash them in.

Sounds exciting? Let‘s look at what is on the menu!



Creative Ice Cream at Bears Ice Cream Imaginarium Whitstable

Our scoop ice cream menu is bursting with amazing, inventive flavours. They are all made from scratch in our kitchen which means that we do not use Gelato flavour syrups or other pre-made flavourings.  For us, “churned in-house“ isn‘t enough, we develop and make in-house too with the freshest ingredients available at any time. You will recognise it by our flavours, you will not find them in other ice cream parlours!

Our chef-owner Phil (aka. Mr Bear) has been cooking for 25 years, in some amazing gastro pubs and restaurants in London, Iceland and French Alps. He was a head chef of a Michelin-listed, AA Rosette-awarded, West London Gastropub for years which led to it being selected as one of the best pubs in the country by the Sunday Times. He was also the UK sausage roll champion in 2016 and came 3rd a couple of years later, but that is a different story. 

Phil has spent decades developing an incredible skill in flavour combinations and he treats every scoop as he would treat a restaurant dish. As a celebration of flavours that might surprise you but somehow just work in perfect balance (Hello, Beetroot, Raspberry, Wasabi sorbet!).



Signature Cones at Bears Ice Cream Imaginarium Whitstable

In 2016, our first-ever mission was to bring high-quality soft serve to London. Back then there was little high-quality soft-serve offering in London. Having grown up and lived in Iceland where quality soft serve is the go-to Ice Cream, we wanted to change that. Being slightly repulsed by the yellow (oil and milk powder-based) sludge that came from most ice cream vans back then, we wanted to do better! We set off to source the best soft serve that UK had to offer. Unsurprisingly we found it at a farmer-owned milk cow farm in Jersey. The soft serve is made from Jersey milk and cream only. Jersey has very strict animal welfare regulations and the cows graze outside.

After finding the perfect base we developed a menu of creative ice cream creations where it is not just us getting creative but you too!


Who said we were in charge?
We definitely are not, it is him. He controls everything along with our two other little Bears aka. quality control. Dipped in chocolate with his chocolate ears, mini smarties eyes and multi-coloured hair, the Little Bear has been bringing smiles to young and not-so-young faces since 2016. So much so that Hardens promised, “Guaranteed Smiles All Round”. He is an enigma; you will find out when you meet him.

For our vegan and gluten-free friends, we make a in a gluten-free cone.



Signature Cones at Bears Ice Cream Imaginarium Whitstable

Over the last couple of weekends, we have delighted those who came to visit our taster teaser with our Signature cones. This menu is created to show the potential of soft serve done right. Chef-designed cones, garnished with the best ingredients to create enticing flavour combinations. We dare anyone who has ever questioned soft serve to have one. Go on, let us change your mind.

We have gluten-free cones on this menu for our gluten-free friends.



Same as with the signature cones we have a menu of chef-designed flavours, or you can make your own, it is up to you!

Vegan base and milk available.


Slushy at Bears Ice Cream Imaginarium Whitstable

No nonsense here, just natural ingredients and under 10% sugar (as opposed to 15-20% with others). The quickest way to cool down. Flavour will change as we go but today we have Elderflower and Iced Tea all vegan.


Basil, White Chocolate, Passion Fruit Ice Cream Whitstable

At the front of our shop, we have a freezer full of tubs of Scoop ice cream to take home. This way you can have Bears at hand at any time or give it to a friend.


On our shelves we have some special bags. They are bags of candy but not any candy. The bags are filled with Nordic treats. Pick and mix at it‘s finest.

Three different bags are available: Vegan, No-Vegan and for the brave, Licquorice.


We have so many exciting things planned going forward. You can sign up to our newsletter below to be the first to find out about our news and events.

We look forward to greeting you at Bears Whitstable!

The Bear Family and the Bearcubs


June 10, 2023 — Vera Thordardottir