We are so pleased to announce the return of our Signature Cones to the menu!

Best Ice Cream West London

Back before Lockdown, our Signature Cones were some of our most popular items, however, due to a lot of handiwork we decided to place them on hiatus. We missed them too much in the new summer we have decided to bring them back to Bears Ice Cream Pavilion for those hot sunny days.

All cones are designed by Mr Bear and he has worked hard on creating something for everyone to enjoy!


Dark & Salty - Popcorn, brownie, dark chocolate shell, Maldon salt

Milk & Honey - Honeycombe, milk chocolate shell, popping candy, wafer

Rainbows are forever - Chunky rainbow sprinkles, white chocolate dip

Cereal rocky road - Milk choc dip, cornflakes, rice crispies, fudge, flamed marshmallow

Apple crunch - Biscoff shell, oat crunch, fresh apple, cinnamon

Straw-beary - Crushed meringue, fresh strawberries, sherry vinegar caramel, black pepper

Raspberries & custard creme - White chocolate shell, crushed custard creams, fresh raspberries

Best Ice Cream West London

All the cones are now available at Bears Ice Cream Pavilion, Brook Green.