Gummy Galore Ice Cream Cake

ECO PACKAGING: All of our ice cream tubs are made from compostable or biodegradable materials.

Mr. Bear's Notes: A truly Icelandic inspired cake. Thin layers of sponge sandwich together Bears amazing ice cream and topped with gummies. Once Mrs Bear maybe me a chocolate fudge cake covered in gummies I was very very happy.  

Enjoy with: Loved ones

Size: 12cm/20cm wide Feeds: 1-8 people


Jersey milk skimmed, Jersey cream, Jersey skimmed milk concentrate, sugar, glucose, dextrose, less than 1% stabalizers, vanilla flavouring, annatto, Self raising flour, cocoa powder, eggs, daime pieces, Bears honeycomb, Malted Barley, gummy sweets.


Milk, wheat, egg, soy.

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