We are excited to announce that our Bears icycles have now hit the road and are ready to spread ice cream and joy to the neighbourhood!

The bikes will serve delicious, freshly churned ice creams, sorbets and vegan ice cream in compostable pots. All of the ice creams are our own chef made recipes and they are created in our development kitchen at our Goldhawk Road shop.

The Icycles already have permanent pop-up spots around the borrough and we are quickly adding new places to our roster (see below). We are also offering local offices and co-working spaces opportunity to book a bike pop up. This means that we predetermine a date and a time when we will show up with a bike full of delicious goodies.

We always love talking ice cream, get in touch and talk ice cream, pop ups and how we can bring Bears to you!

Bike locations all summer

Saturdays - Brook Green Market

Sundays - RMS markets, Bishops Park

March 29, 2022 — Vera Thordardottir