On the menu, we offer a selection of Christmas-inspired items, some more traditional, some more experimental. Nordic pine needles are infused with lemon for our Christmas Tree ice cream. Phil’s especially mulled pears swirled into a thick jersey milk ice cream with soft blue cheese and hazelnuts and classic mince pies are smashed into a warming winter spiced ice cream

For the younger family members, we have taken the magical candy cane and smashed it into a Peppermint ice cream. It can be enjoyed on it’s own but our little bears love dropping it into a cup of steaming Bears hot chocolate. 

Our sorbet option is made from pineapples, which are roasted in dark sugar, coriander seeds, star anise, pureed and churned into a spiced pineapple sorbet. It is wonderful with warming baked pudding or turned into a fun cocktail that any pineapple loving adult will enjoy. 

Christmas Ice Cream London

Last but not least we have the flavour that takes Mr. Bear back to his Christmas childhood, the Fig roll. A spiced ice cream with fig jam and fig rolls swirled through. 

To us Christmas food is about memories, both looking back to memories past but also creating new memories with families and friends, which we can remember later on. We hope our ice cream will bring you back to your Childhood or ignite a new memory to be looked back at one day.

BEARS Christmas ice cream and desserts

December 08, 2022 — Vera Thordardottir