Every day us Bears are humbled by the unbelievable reception that our little ice cream shop on Goldhawk Road has had. Sunday was no exception when our 2nd birthday milestone and people from all across the neighbourhood and further a field (shout out to the Icelandic couple that biked 16km/9mi) to come to visit us!

We are also incredibly lucky to have amazing staff that served all of our guests with a smile and high level of professionalism (even those on a trial shift excelled!). How you 4 managed to work your way around the small space in our shop and keep everything going made us proud!

Also kudos to Mr. Bear who stood outside in the crisp winter sun and served some of our delicious hot dogs from our sister restaurant Chilly Katz.

Here is to a new year at Bears, we are excited to keep on serving the best product we can in the best atmosphere we can and make improvements along the way (Mr Bear is on an active “mission compost” to make us as green as possible, in a blog coming soon!). Soon we will also have to make changes to our logo since 3 will become 4!

Thank you for coming everybody!
Phil and Vera

March 29, 2022 — Vera Thordardottir