Beetroot, Raspberry & Wasabi Sorbet (Vegan)

ECO PACKAGING: All of our ice cream tubs are made from compostable or biodegradable materials.

Mr Bear's Notes: It starts with earthy beetroots, then on to the sweetness of raspberries, finally the tongue tingle of wasabi. This sorbet will surprise and excite you!

Enjoy with: This works really well with red fruits, lemon meringue pie or dark chocolate.

Available only on Deliveroo & in-store 


Beetroot, raspberry, water, caster sugar, dextrose, wasabi paste, less than 1% stabiliser.


Mustard, Soya.

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Sorbets churned in small batches

Our flavourful and colourful sorbets are churned in small batches from the best available produce. Mr. Bear likes to get playful with different ingredients and has for example used bananas to achieve a highly smooth, creamy texture without using any dairy. Mixing that with some peanut butter and crunchy, dark chocolate and you have the perfect mixture of textures that get that ice cream party started. 


Smiles and joy!