Finding Joy with Bears' Creative Christmas Range

Finding Joy with Bears' Creative Christmas Range

13th Nov 2020

We proudly present Bears Christmas Menu 2020

Our Christmas menu has been carefully developed by our chef, Mr. Bear aka Phil Harrison. Phil has spent more than two decades playing with creative flavours and ingredients in kitchens around Europe. From the frozen shores of Iceland to 3000m high peaks of the French Alps to W12, he has pursued the world of fresh ingredients and seasonal cooking. He combines his experience and knowledge to bring you the most creative ice cream flavours in London.

Maybe now, more than ever, when we stay more IN than OUT, this is the time to INDULGE, treat yourself or send a few tubs of Joy to a dear friend who you can't meet in the flesh. Maybe just give ice creams and not hugs this festive season?

Click here to discover Bears Christmas Menu in its full glory. Just order online and the 475 ml tubs of frozen Joy can safely be delivered to your door. Click here for our current delivery areas or put yourself on the waiting list here. We are working on some late November/ early December delivery dates for our fans further away, within London though.

All our tubs of Joy are also available to pick up at both our locations. You don't need to pre-order.

Click here for opening times Bears at The Pavilion at Brook Green and here for opening times Bears Parlour on Goldhawk Road.


Just dive into these must have creative flavours for this Festive Season and find some Joy. You have plenty of time to try them all. They go for £8.50 per 475ml tub.

Mince Pie: Classic mince pies are smashed into a warming winter spiced ice cream. Also comes in a Vegan version.

Mr Bear's taste notes: "An icecream for those that love or HATE mince pies. Myself, I’m not keen on a mince pie on its own. But as an ice cream it's complete. Rich, warming spice ice cream, delicious Christmas mince meat, buttery pastry crumb. The best of all worlds." 

Candy Cane: Especially for the younger members of the family, we have taken the magical candy cane and smashed it into a Peppermint ice cream.

Mr Bear's taste notes: "What could be more christmassy than a candy cane? Not many things, but I cant turn Rudolph into an ice cream can I! Here a simple peppermint ice cream has crushed candy canes in and make a minty, crunchy sweet delish creation!!"

Christmas Tree: Nope not the shape of a Xmas tree but the taste, yes for real, Nordic pine needles are infused with lemon to make this festive ice cream. You either love it or you don't. And that's okay.

Mr Bear's taste notes: "Here’s it is. In a way where it all began. Many many years ago, I gathered used Christmas trees for smoking fish, meats and other things. The next year I made an ice cream with some very young looking pine needles on a tree. Then my fascination with funky ice cream began. This is a seasonal snap shot of fun. It’s winter, it's too cold for ice cream. Why are you making a tree flavour? Try it, love it, rejoice in the fun."

Fig Roll: This flavour that takes Mr Bear back to his Christmas childhood, the Fig roll. Spiced ice cream with fig jam and fig rolls swirled through which is sure to fill the biggest Grinch with Holiday cheer.

Mr Bear's taste notes: "I have a strange love for Fig rolls, something from when I was little. They are only for Christmas though, no other time. Sticky fig jam, soft crumbly biscuit and wonderful spiced ice cream to wrap the whole lot up in a nice warm hug."

Soft Blue Cheese, Hazelnut & Mulled Pear: Phil’s especially mulled pears swirled into a thick jersey milk ice cream with soft blue cheese and hazelnuts.

Mr Bear's taste notes:"An all time favourite. Beautifully odd, deliciously enjoyable. The crunch of the hazelnuts, the tangy richness of the blue cheese crumbled through a milky ice cream, then a hit of mulled pear, everything that is Christmas is in this ice cream, just in a different way."

Spiced Roast Pineapple Sorbet (V): Pineapples roasted in dark sugar, coriander seeds, star anise, pureed and churned into a spiced pineapple sorbet.

Mr Bear's tate notes: "Pineapple, pineapple, pineapple, in the darkest winter nights of December the only fruit that's "in season". I've used pineapple in many ways, often spiced, nearly always with dark sugar. Not only is this wonderful as is but as a cocktail it's great. I'd add rum or maybe even warm some cider and pour it over the top."

Besides these amazing creative festive flavours, Mr Bear also made some Lemon CurdSalted Caramel SauceMulled Wine SyrupHot Chocolate and Marshmallows and a Taster Bundle with 6 little pots of Joy, just in case you litterally can't get enough.

Looking for an unusual, creative and original Christmas gift? Why not give your loved one a gift voucher for a monthly ice cream subscription? Truly, the gift that keeps on giving. Starting at £15.30 a month. Selected postcodes only. Or checkout the super delicious Bears Christmas Hamper for £65 to enjoy a VERY BEARY CHRISTMAS.


All our tubs are available for pick up from Bears Parlour W12 and Bears at the Pavilion W6

Click here to see our delivery areas if you like them delivered to your front door, FREE on 2 tubs or more

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