Bears at home #2: Eaton Mess

Bears at home #2: Eaton Mess

10th Feb 2017

We have noticed our customers enjoy bringing home tubs of our ice cream and sprinkles for an evening at home. This sparked the idea of starting inspirational blog to introduce the variety of ways you an get creative at home with Bears Ice Cream.

These posts will have ideas of plating ice cream with the ingredients from our shop along and in the future even recipes from our chef Philip Harrison.

To celebrate Friday we now introduce our second inspirational Bears at home dish.

This week it is our version of an Eaton Mess!


  • Tub of Bears Ice Cream Soft serve
  • Strawberries
  • Baby basil
  • Strawberry Puree
  • Sherry Vinegar Caramel

(All from Bears table)

  • Meringues

(From Flower & white)


  1. Choose some cool plates or bowls if you want a more "Eton mess" effect. First down is the strawberry puree, a few blobs here and there.
  2. Next is the strawberries, some halved, some sliced, it really is up to you. Next up is the Meringues. For the photo I used Flower and Whites meringue bites, they were a lovely present. You can also use Bears meringue kisses.
  3. Give the sherry vinegar caramel a swirl over everything, especially the strawberries this gives the dish an extra coolness. Wonderfully sharp and sweet, you could use a balsamic syrup if you prefer. Then ball up the Bears Ice Cream. Sprinkle on the baby basil.


Please remember that our all natural soft serve ice cream is mainly made of milk, the low fat and sugar content means that it does not like staying in the freezer overnight, it goes hard.

This is why on-day purchase is essential. Many of our ingredients are made daily so that means you will get the freshest product available!

The above is only one idea. Our table holds more then 40 different flavours including fruits, candies, baked goods, sauces and fruit purees. The possibilities are endless!

We love to see your creations, please share your photos and tag us @bearsicecream.


Written by Bears Ice Cream

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